All our interpreters have many years experience within the translation and interpreting sector, with all holding qualifications in interpreting. We understand the importance of providing a quality professional interpreting service.

Diversity NI interpreting services are available for large multilingual conferences to small one-to-one business meetings and interviews. With interpreters available throughout Northern Ireland and with an out of hours service, Diversity NI is quickly becoming the leading provider of choice for translators and interpreters.

The leading provider of choice for translators and interpreters.

Consecutive Interpreting

The interpreter will listen and take notes while one person speaks for up to 5 minutes. They will then render everything that has been said into the target language. This is mostly used in one-to-one business meetings where there are only two languages are spoken.

Simultaneous Interpreting

This type of interpreting (also known as Conference Interpreting) is most suitable where there are several languages spoken at large multilingual conferences and interpreters work in teams of two in a booth while the delegates listen via headsets. The interpreters working in teams will interpret simultaneously everything that is being said so that there is no interruption to your event.

Whispered Interpreting

Also known as ‘chuchotage’ is used where there a small group of people at a meeting who do not speak the main language and the interpreter will therefore stand close to the group and interpret in a low voice. This is also frequently used in the courtroom.

Public Service / Community Interpreting

Interpreters are required to interpret in a wide variety of settings such as hospital appointments, police interviews under caution, mental health assessments etc. The interpreter must remain calm and impartial, often dealing with sensitive and distressing information.

Telephone Interpreting

This service allows interpretation over the phone and is extremely useful for short consultations. Whether your customer is with you or you are on a conference call with both your customer and the interpreter, telephone interpreting allows for fast connection to an interpreter and is often more cost effective.

Other services include:

  • - Written translations
  • - Audio translations
  • - Transcription
  • - Audio recording


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